Best Tips – Wrinkle Treatment Options

There are so many wrinkle treatment options available these days. From botox to ipl facial, the choices that you have are many.

Every doctor, every patient will always have an opinion as to what’s the best. This article, however, will cover just a few of the wrinkle treatment options that many of the site’s readers have been asking about lately.

Wrinkle Treatment Options – Non Surgical

IPL Facial or IPL Photo Facial Rejuvenation

An IPL Facial treatment is used to help get rid of unwanted birthmarks, skin discoloration, sun damage and unwanted hair. A successful IPL facial rejuvenation leaves you with a smooth, clear, porcelain looking complexion.

It gets rid of dark spots and uneven pigment and makes your face look younger and fresher. The process of an IPL facial also boosts collagen production, which in turn smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser Face Lift or Laser Skin Resurfacing

A lot of people looking for non-surgical wrinkle treatment options are excited about laser face lift or laser skin resurfacing.

This procedure, as the term implies, uses laser to get rid of premature wrinkles and especially lines on sensitive areas such as the eyes and lips as well as the forehad and cheeks.

Remember that this doesn’t do exactly the same thing as a surgical face LIFT which pulls your skin upwards to become taut. It simply minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and gets rid of facial spots.

People who are much older or have very deep wrinkles may want to do this treatment together with a surgical face lift, if desired.

Wrinkle Fillers

This is a wrinkle treatment option that injects a filler into your skin to make it plumper and fuller. There are many different wrinkle fillers available these days and which filler to use for yourself is usually based on your area of concern. It is therefore important that you get yourself evaluated by a suitable healthcare provider.

Wrinkle fillers are marketed under various brand names such as Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Artefil, and Perlane among others.


You probably don’t need any more introduction on Botox. This has become such a common wrinkle treatment that there are even monthly botox parties (not advisable) in some cities.

Always remember that no matter how common it is, it is best to go to a qualified practitioner if you want it done.

Click Here For Our Botox Injections FAQ.

There are other wrinkle treatment options aside from the ones featured above. This includes:

      1. AlloDerm
      2. Artecoll
      3. Fat Transfer
      4. Foto Facial
      5. Derma-K
      6. Gentle Waves
      7. LED Skin Rejuvenation
      8. Silicone Injections
      9. Thermage

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