What Causes Wrinkles On Face?

– Factors Contributing To Wrinkles On Face –

You’re wondering what causes wrinkles on face? Well my dear friends, blame it all on Mr. Collagen (or is it Mrs. Collagen?). He’s pretty good when he’s at his prime making your skin all taut and smooth. But give him a bit of stress and he breaks down pretty fast giving you the dreaded wrinkles.

“What are you talking about?”

Well, collagen together with keratin are cell proteins that make your skin resilient and strong. When we’re young and collagen production is at its best, the skin is very flexible then and it easily bounces back when we do things such as overexposure to the sun or laugh. However, when collagen breaks down, the skin now has difficulty going back to its normal state and thereby causes wrinkles on face.

So what are these things that makes a collagen break down? Read on and find out.

Causes Of Wrinkles – The Things You Can’t Change

Aging – Unfortunately, wrinkles are something we can’t stop from happening. We humans are vulnerable like that. The older we get, the lesser collagen production is and therefore, the more susceptible our skin become. Sooner or later, age will catch up with us and wrinkles will form (unless of course you have the budget for botox injections and fillers every 3 months!).

Genetics – Oh. The genes! Yes. Blame it on your parents. Blame it on your parents parents. Apparently there is a wrinkle gene and as we all know, this one we can hardly run away from.

Causes Of Wrinkles That You Can Do Something About

And now the good news.

Ok. So the good news is that you CAN delay aging.  And believe me for many of us, our wrinkles come so much earlier than they actually need to be.

Know the top factors  that speed up aging and cause wrinkles on face make sure you don’t sabgotage yourself by exposing yourself to these factors.

Sun and WRinkles
Too much sun? Too much sunbathing? Watch Out! This is the main reason for wrinkles on face

Exposure to the Sun – This is your skin’s number 1 enemy hands down. I know we want to get the tanned look and who can escape the all seeing sun? But the sun is the number one reason for premature aging.

Stress  Can Cause Wrinkles – Any which way you look at it, stress does you no good. At the highest level, it’s not good for your heart and believe it or not, it gives you wrinkles too. Have you noticed how many world leaders after a few years in power start to age very quickly? Compare pictures of Tony Blair or Bill Clinton from when they were elected to about 4 years after, you’ll quickly notice the wrinkles. That’s stress in action right before your eyes.

Diet – Whatever we put in our mouth affects how we look outside. This is beauty from the inside out and something which some of us probably don’t even think about. But whatever nutrients/food we take more than affect our looks. Healthy body, healthy skin. Start eating lots of sugar and lots of junk food and it’s a no brainer that your skin will show off all that junk inside your body as well.

Water – There are some people who say that our body does not really need as much water as is encouraged by many. This may be true. But I’ve personally noticed that whenever I start drinking less water, my skin just doesn’t look that good either.

Lack Of Sleep – We all know that lack of sleep causes a lot of health problems and your skin is not immune to this either. There’s something about not getting enough sleep that affects the proper functioning of the cells in our body. And of course, when these cells normal functions are disrupted, collagen production becomes disrupted too… The effect? Bad skin.

Smoking And Wrinkles
Smoking – One Of The Top Things That Cause Wrinkles On Face

Smoking –  We’ve seen the big ads against smoking saying it causes wrinkles. You might even have noticed many smokers your age who actually look older than they are. This is because smoking does cause wrinkles. Smoking you see, with its hundreds of chemicals, damages collagen and elastin. And by now, you probably know already how that is the greatest contributing factor to wrinkles.

Air Pollution – It’s not just smoking. Air pollution has exactly the same effect on our bodies as well. All that smog, pollutants and dirt takes a toll on our skin and is a big contributing factor on why skin ages quicker than it should. City dwellers beware.

Note: I’m not quite sure in which category to put the two causes of wrinkles below. Things you can change or things you can’t?

Hormones – I know people talk about pregnancy glow all the time. All I could remember was just how much it actually affected my skin. Whenever those hormones kick in from pregnancy or menstrual period or from an abnormal hormonal production, expect your skin to show it as well either through acne, dry skin, spots  or wrinkles.

Facial Expressions – Our facial expressions either from smiling or frowning causes wrinkles on face. When we’re younger this doesn’t matter so much as our skin just bounces back. However, when we age a bit, the skins ability to bounce back becomes a bit more difficult and this results in wrinkles from laugh lines to the vertical lines between your eyebrows to the horizontal lines on your forehead.

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