Skin Care – Vitamins Good For Skin Repair

Aging and exposure to environmental extremes take a toll on our skin. Aside from protecting the skin from the sun’s UV rays and not smoking, a healthy diet that contains the vitamins which are good for skin repair completes the prerequisites for achieving young, radiant skin.

Best Vitamins For Skin RepairThe role of vitamins in keeping the hair and skin healthy and young-looking can never be undermined. Our body needs to be nourished daily to ensure that adequate levels are present in the body for repair and maintenance of tissues and cells.

Aside from oral preparations, vitamins are also incorporated in topical products such as creams and lotions which can be applied directly on the skin’s surface.

What Vitamins Are Good For The Skin?

There are many vitamins that are good for skin repair which abound in nature but when it comes to vitamins for skin elasticity and healthy glowing skin, an elite group of essential vitamins are the ones which are best known in keeping the skin supple and young-looking.

For acne sufferers, Vitamin A maintains the skin’s moisture balance while regulating sebum production. Vitamin A is essential in maintaining the strength and durability of skin tissues thus preventing skin from sagging.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, is known to boost the production of collagen, which is a structural component of the skin layers and other important body tissues. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that boosts tissue repair and regeneration. It is an excellent exfoliant, preserving the skin’s glow and radiance.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals known to damage body cells. It is also associated with cell regeneration and repair.

Vitamin K is an important component of eye creams to target the dark circles under the eyes. These dark circles are caused by leaking capillaries under the thin skin under the eyes. Vitamin K is believed to promote a constricting effect on the leaking capillaries and help banish those dark circles.

day 100 - you're losing, you're losing your vitamin CThe B-complex group of vitamins is effective in achieving and maintaining a healthy skin tone. They work together to fight off the damage brought about by environmental pollution, stress, and exposure to the UV rays of the sun. They work synergistically with other essential vitamins to keep your body healthy and your skin looking young and good.

In order to achieve the optimum effects of a skin rejuvenation regimen, consumption of adequate vitamins and minerals is very important. However, one should bear in mind that taking in megadoses of vitamins does not provide more benefits compared to consuming the recommended doses. Overconsumption may also pave the way for toxic reactions. It is for this very reason that one should never exceed safety limits.

Vitamin-enriched creams have created waves in the beauty industry. Studies have shown that vitamins which are taken orally can’t provide a hundred percent answer to the vitamin needs of the body. Thus, makers of beauty products have manufactured vitamin-enriched beauty creams and lotions to achieve maximum benefits.

Vitamins, whether taken orally or applied topically, work wonders on your skin. A properly nourished skin reveals the beauty of your skin from within.

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