Loreal Revitalift Guide And Reviews

Loreal Revitalift is one of  the most popular anti aging  products from Loreal. Compared to other celebrity endorsed products featured on this site, Loreal products is one of the best affordable over the counter options in the market today.

Here’s a guide to Loreal Revitalift reviews to help you decide which one to buy for your self.

Loreal Advanced Revitalift Double Lifting

Revitalift Double Lifting Cream

For: Face and neck

What It Does: This double lifting cream is  a gel and a cream in one bottle (in separate tubes). The gel  tightens the  skin  reducing the pores while the cream is an anti wrinkle treatment to help minimize wrinkles and neck creaes.

Loreal Revitalift Reviews: Customer reviews show a high level of satisfaction on this loreal antiageing cream. Some customers say they have noticed  immediate firming up of the skin and that their skin felt smoother after application.

Many reviews have also commented  how it has lightened or reduced age spots.

Know however, that this can feel a bit sticky upon application. Just wait a few minutes and it should then feel fine.

Loreal Revitalift Price: From $10 .The cream lasts 2-3 weeks

Loreal Revitalift Face And Neck Day Cream

Loreal Revitalift Face And Neck Cream
Loreal Revitalift Face And Neck Cream

What It Is:  This is an antiaging moisturizer for use during the day (although some people do use it as a nightime moisturizer as well). It’s great for dry skin and does not leave an oily feeling at all.

Loreal Revitalift Reviews: Customer reviews show that this Loreal moisturizer improves skin tone and keeps the skin very well moisturized. Many who start using the cream usually do stick to using it for a long time. Some reviewers have also reported a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

This has a very distinct strong “perfumey” smell. If that’s something you want in your moisturizer then you’ll love this. If not, you probably won’t.

Price: From $14

Loreal Revitalift Night Cream

Loreal Revitalift Night Cream
Loreal Revitalift Night Cream


This is the same as the day moisturizer above and is also getting positive reviews.

Both this and the Day cream are said to offer 24 hour moisturization. So I would think that one of these cream would suffice as a daily moisturizer. Highly rated by customers.

Loreal Revitalift Double eye Lift

Loreal Revitalift double eye lift
Loreal Revitalift Double Eye Lift

What It Is: This product helps with the upper and lower eyelids. It lifts up the upper lids and helps reduce eye puffiness.

Loreal Revitalift Customer Review: There are mixed reviews on this one especially the claim about lifting the upper lids. So this is something you may have to test yourself (and don’t forget to comment below about your own results!).

However, many have found this to be good for reducing eye puffiness.

Price: From $15

Revitalift Eye Cream

Loreal Revitalift Eye Cream

What It Is: This is one of the earlier eye cream formulated for the Revitalift line.  This is an eye cream that stops puffiness, firms up  the lids and reduces wrinkles

Loreal Revitalift Customer Reviews: This eye cream is getting far better reviews than  the Double Eye Lift cream above. In fact, many have been using this for years with very positive results.

Price: From $15

Loreal Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream 24 hour Eye Duo

Loreal Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Duo

What It Is: Another eye product with 24 hour treatment. I especially love the fact that it doubles as a sunscreen (SPF 15).

Loreal Revitalift Reviews: Mixed reviews but leaning more towards showing slight differences in skin tightening and reducing puffiness and eye wrinkles.

Price: From $9

Loreal Revitalift Daily Anti Wrinkle Concentrate

Loreal Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Concentrate

What It Is: According to the Loreal website, this one is a bestseller. It is apparently their most potent serum that reduces the size and width of wrinkles (very very big claims indeed!). It is recommended to use this one with the Revitalift Cream for excellent results.

Customer Reviews:  Many customers seem pleased with the moisturizing action of this product plus the fact that it helps reduce puffiness. There still doesn’t seem to be an impressive number of people who say this really helps with reducing deep wrinkles.

Loreal Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Night crème

Loreal Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Night Creme

What Is It: Here’s another product that promises to get rid of the appearance of deep set wrinkles in the forehead and makes skin looks and feels younger.

Loreal Revitalift Review: Again, there are mixed reviews on this product. Some say they have seen signifificant reduction of wrinkles while others have not seen any improvement at all..

Price: From $7

Deep Set Wrinkle Repair SPF Day Lotion

Same product as above but formulated for day use

Final Note On Loreal Reviews And The Use Of Loreal Revitalift Products

Do know that clinical studies with this crème as well as with  other Revitalift products do not show 100% effectiveness. Also, Loreal does sometimes recommend using not just one cream for  best results.

I’ve also noticed that many Loreal Revitalift reviews online have stopped using the product after only a few weeks. It took a long time for those wrinkles to form on your face, so it should take a long time to get rid if not reduce the appearance as well.

If you want to test any of the Loreal Revitalift products, it’s best to use them for at least 8 weeks (even more) to see if the “magic potion” really works.

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