Instant Wrinkle Remover Reviews

Here’s a comparison of three  instant wrinkle remover in the market today. It’s not a complete list but these are the ones which have been getting high customer  ratings.

I hope you find one that suits your skin, your taste and your budget. As always, please send us a comment about any product you have tried on this page.

Note: These products are meant to be instant wrinkle smoother which more often than not contain micro powders or light diffusers. To know more about what these instant wrinkle reducing cream promise, click here.

Top Rated Wrinkle Remover Cream

Boots No 7 Intesive Line Filler

Boots No. 7 Intensive Line Filler
Boots No. 7 Intensive Line Filler

After an independent research showed that one of Boots’ No 7 products showed significant results as an anti wrinkle cream, a throng of buyers have become very interested in the products they come out with.

As it is, Boots No 7 Intensive Line Filler is highly rated for its instant smoothing out of fine lines and wrinkles. Reviewers also say that after a few weeks of use, they have noticed the fading of fine lines.

Be aware that many who do use this product, use it with other Boots No 7 cream for even better results.

Customer Reviews:

“Does the trick!” customer review from
“Have used once a day in T-zone for a little over two weeks and have noticed a softening of laugh lines around mouth. Used with Botanics Intensive Wrinkle Reduction and #7 Restore and Renew Beauty Serum.” customer review from
“Well, overall I did like this product. I actually feel like Line Filler does temporarily soften my lines – specifically my “11” lines between my eyebrows..” customer review from

Price: $17

7 Minute Athena Wrinkle Cream

Athena Wrinkle Cream
Athena Wrinkle Cream

This is not just an instant wrinkle eraser cream, but also an anti aging cream with natural ingredients. This was once mentioned in Good Morning America and was said to be one of the products in one of those free bags actors get during the 2010 Oscars Event.  Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox are said to be big  fans.

As the name implies, it promises the reduction of sagging skin and lines in only 7 minutes which personally seems to be too big a claim. However, many customer reviews do say they have experienced instant smoothing and tightening upon application and that a few weeks of use have made a big difference in the appearance of their wrinkles.

This is also made of organic ingredients so that’s always a plus for me.

Of the three products mentioned on this article, this is the only cream that gets good results both as  an instant wrinkle remover cream as well as a face cream for a more longer lasting wrinkle removal.

If you have the budget for it, definitely worth a try.  And make sure you follow the exact instructions to use it (comes with the product) for maximum results.


Customer Reviews Of Athena Wrinkle Cream

“80% satisfied with the lift it gave my eyes.” review from
“There is no doubt that if Athena 7 Minute Lift applied correctly it can take years off you! It removes wrinkles almost completely. I had comments about how great I was looking. ” review from
“I have been using this productly daily for 5 days. The wrinkles on my forehead are very fine and almost unnoticeable. The crows feet are GONE as well as the under eye wrinkles.”

Elemis Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth Pen

Elemis Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth Skin Pen
Elemis Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth Pen

This is not cheap at all. Couple that with the fact that it is advised to use this cream with the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream for maximum results. However, I’ve read some good reviews about it so I’m including it on this list.

This is not a face cream. It’s  a cream that you apply right on your wrinkles (fine lines, crows feet, etc) to smooth it out. This gives the instant effect of a smoothed out wrinkle. It also comes with the Elemis Pro collagen wrinkle smooth pen which you can use for touching up during the day.  What’s great about it is that you can use it over any face cream or make-up.

Apparently, lab results also show that expression lines and wrinkles improve by 68% after only two weeks!

One of the common complaints about this product though is that the pen doesn’t last very long.  If that’s your problem with it as well, you’ll be happy to know that this also comes in a jar which is double the price of the pen. It is however, a better value for money as the jar as it is .5 fl. oz

Price: $158 (.1 fl. oz)

Elemis Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth Pen Reviews

“very good product Plumps the wrinkles so the look smoother, very less noticeable.” customer review from

“The lines were softer and appeared plumped up and the finest line was almost non-existent. The only problem was it is really expensive. “ customer review from

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