Hyaluronic Acid Products Side Effects

Hyaluronic acid is one ingredient that is very gentle. In fact, many of these topical creams are highly recommended for sensitive skin. At any rate, there are rare cases of Hyaluronic acid side effects that you might want to know if you plan to include this ingredient in your skin care routine..

First of all, be aware that many of the anti aging cream nowadays contain topical hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is considered very safe and is not known to have any bad side effects. Depending on which product you’re using, the percentage of Hyaluronic acid vary widely. If you have extremely sensitive skin, go for a cream with much lesser concentration.

Secondly, hyaluronic acid side effects may happen when it is injected. Hyaluronic acid this way is used as a filler to plump up the face and minimize wrinkles. It is important to know that this is considered a safer method for getting rid of those fine lines around the eye area as well as to plump up the lips.

However, there could be some side effects when injected. There are rare cases of people sufferring from itchiness, swelling, tenderness and bruising. This is reported to cease after a few days. To minimize this side effect, refrain from taking any aspirin or Vitamin e supplements a few days before and after the injection as these can decrease the chance of these side effects from happening.

Like many ingredients in the skin care industry, there are opposing opinions as to the long term effects of using this product.

However, the general opinion of Hyaluronic acid by many experts is very favorable. And truth be told, no one really knows the long term effects of many of the creams we use as the whole anti aging concept in skin care is fairly new.

My research so far shows that Hyaluronic acid side effects on skin are very minimal at most. And that most people, have noticed only the benefits and no side effects.

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