Makeup Magic And How To Hide Puffy Eyes

Video On How To Hide Puffy Eyes With Makeup

I really like Michelle Phan. And one of her videos that I like the most is the one on how to make your eyes brighter and larger.

This is an excellent trick if you want to know how to hide puffy eyes. I have yet to try it though. I’ve already got white eyeliner and silver eyeshadow. However, I’ve tried using white eyeliner before and for the life of me, I just look ridiculous. Or is it just my perception of me? 🙂

I can see how her eyes got brighter and larger though so I should definitely try this again next time I have a bad case of puffy eyes. This is great for those days when your eye cream just doesn’t seem to be working at all for some reason or another.

Here’s the video. Hope you like it as much as I do. And if you have any tricks you want to share on hiding puffy eyes, do write it down in the comments section below.

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