Getting Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

I don’t know about you but for me, under eye wrinkles were the first signs that told me I needed to start taking care of my skin.

One day, I looked in the mirror and there they were! Under eye wrinkles! How? When? Did they get there?

And so, that’s how I began to research and got interested in how to get rid of under eye wrinkles.

Things To Do To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

Here are some things that you can do right now for smoother, toned and younger looking eyes.

First of all, it’s only important to look at the cosmetics that we have available to superfically get rid of under eye wrinkles. I know it doesn’t last and that as soon as the make up goes away, the wrinkles come back. But if they help my under eyes look great, then I’m all for it.

The best thing that you can do is to get an eye cream that has silicone particles. These particles are so small that they fill up the ridges of your wrinkles making them invisible to the naked eye.

Secondly, regular use of a good eye cream can do wonders in getting rid of under eye wrinkles. No I haven’t found a cream that COMPLETELY gets rid of the wrinkles, but what they do is smoothen them a little and make them look a lot less noticeable. According to, there is evidence that wrinkle creams may improve wrinkles around the eyes.

Apart from actually getting rid of under eye wrinkles, a good eye cream also does a big role in preventing wrinkles from forming at a much quicker rate that it should. When it comes to premature wrinkles, prevention is always a good thing.

Make sure you look for under eye wrinkle creams which contain ingredients proven to help with erasing eye wrinkles such as retinol, hydroxy acids and copper peptides.

Thirdly, and this for me was the most difficult was a change in my eating and sleeping habits. This didn’t come naturally for me at all, but once I did it, I was happy I did. Good food, exercise and the right hours of sleep really does do wonders in the way your eyes look. Try if for a month and see the difference.

Lastly, I make sure I also have a good face cream. Whatever you apply on your face can affect your eyes as well (in fact, Paula Begoun goes as far as saying that you don’t even need an eye cream if you have a good face cream!). So choose your face cream wisely and your eyes will benefit from it too.

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