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– Great Tips That Work To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes –

I’ve always had good looking healthy eyes. But lately, I’ve noticed that there have been a lot of days when I have swollen puffy eyes. I know there are creams that I can use, but before I spend some of my hard earned money, I decided to do some home remedies first.

Listed below are 12 natural remedies to get rid of puffy eyes fast at home and how to do them to make them work.  I haven’t tried them all as mine actually went away very quickly. But I have friends who swear by some of these methods. So if you’ve got puffy eyes, you might just want to try some of these.

What You Can Do To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Problems

The first three are what I did and although there are days when my eyes get puffy, they definitely look a lot better.

1. Change The Way You Sleep

Many of us notice that one of the worst times we get puffy eyes is when we wake up in the morning. And there’s a reason to that. There’s something a little bit amiss with the way we sleep.

Ok first of all, sleeping on your stomach with your face down contributes a lot to puffy eyes. This is why one of the things you need to change to eliminate puffy eyes is by sleeping on your back. This is easier said than done especially if you’re used to sleeping face down. But it can be done!

Secondly, lack of sleep can so easily be the main reason for puffy eyes. So if you can, get as much undisrupted sleep as possible (my eyes were the worst when I had a new baby and woke up a lot of times during the night — and not to mention the hormones!)

Lastly, use a pillow and prop your head while sleeping.

2. Cold Is Your Best Friend

Cold water or cold compress is going to be your new best friend.

Leave your cold compress on your eyes for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. For some reason, this didn’t work well for me when I tried it but the cold water trick does.

What I do is turn the tap to the coldest and wash my face with that. Not pleasant mind you. I wash my face with as much water as possible and longer than when I’m just washing my face.

I’ve read somewhere that one thing you can do is to fill your sink with this cold water and then dunk your face in it for about 30 seconds. I haven’t tried it as I get a bit claustrophobic (don’t ask me about swimming under water!), but I can very well see that working.

3. The Spoon Puffy Eye Remedy

This you must have heard before. But exactly how do you do it? I usually find that when I do use a spoon to get rid of puffy eyes, they warm very quickly. So what I do is put 4-6 spoons in the freezer. Once they’re cold (I usually leave them for about 5-10 minutes), then I get one from the freezer first and when it turns warm then I just grab another one. Voila! No more waiting for another 5 minutes! Genius eh?

So how do you do it? Well, you can do it both ways. You can either rub the bottom bit of the spoon around your eyes or you can lie down and leave the spoon covering your eyes.

4. Your Vegetable Crisper

Some of the best things for your eyes are in your humble vegetables such as cucumber and potatoes.

Just cut a piece of any of these vegetables. If it’s not cold, put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Then lie down and put one slice on each of your eyes. For maximum efficacy, leave it there for about 15 minutes.

I’ve also read somewhere that one thing you can do with potatoes is grate it, dab it around yours eyes and then leave it there for a few minutes. I haven’t tried this one largely because I’m not too comfortable with the idea. If you try this though, pls. tell me how it it went.

5. Caffeine

Surprise to see that on the list? Well, I’m not talking about drinking coffee. I’m talking about applying it on to your eyes. It works wonders that way. In fact, a lot of eye cream products actually have caffeine as one of the ingredients.

So what do you do? Well, dab a cotton ball in cold black coffee. Now rub the cotton ball very gently around your eyes and leave it on for a few minutes (or longer if you wish). You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

6. Tea Bags

Frankly, I haven’t tried this. I never have used cold tea bags in the fridge when I need it (as I don’t often store my used tea bags).

But if you want to do this. Here’s what to do. Next time you have a cup of tea, put the tea bag in a ziploc container and leave it in the fridge. Then when you wake up with puffy eyes, just get two of the tea bags, lie down and put 1 tea bag on each eye.

7. Aloe Vera

If you don’t have aloe vera plant at home then you really should buy one. This is one of my best kept secret for home remedies. And it’s equally good for puffy eyes home remedies.

Just cut a bit of the leaf, get a little sap and then dab it around your eyes. It’s amazing.

Of course, if you don’t have aloe vera, you can always have a good stock of  aloe vera gel. They’re not that expensive and they really do help with a lot of skin problems.

Do all these things and you can easily get rid of puffy eyes fast at home.

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