Fix Puffy Eyes

Are you looking for ways to fix puffy eyes? Here are top three ways that will surely snap your eyes out of those puffy tired look.

Puffy Eyes Home Remedies

I’ve discussed these amazing puffy eyes home remedies in a previous article. If you’re interested to know these DIY tricks at home, you’ll get enough ideas on this article to get rid of puffy eyes. Click Here

Best Puffy Eye Cream

If the home remedies are not working too well for you, there are some eye cream and gadgets which you can use especially during days when you’re not getting enough sleep. These cream usually have more than just one ingredient to reduce puffy eyes thus making them a bit more potent. Plus they’re also good for getting rid of dark circle under the eyes, too!

Listed below are some of the highly rated puffy eye solutions

Vanish Extreme Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles And Puffiness by Watts Beauty

This is good for eye puffiness and is getting very high ratings for reducing dark circles as well. No parabens. Ingredients include grapeseed, jojoba, Evening Primrose, Witch Hazel, Neem Oil, Rosemary Extract and more $18.45 dollars

Cellex-C Under Eye Toning Gel For Dark Circles And Puffiness

Cellex C skin care products have recently risen in popularity. Its most popular product are the Cellex c Skin Firming Cream and Cellex C Eye Contour Cream Plus but this under eye toning gel is just as good. This is twice more expensive than Vanish Extreme however at $34

Nourish My Eyes Refreshing And Soothing Eye Pads

These are amazing! Really great especially when you can’t be bothered to put tea bags in the fridge or soak cotton balls in coffee. These are pads pre soaked in cucumber, green tea and mulberry. So heavenly. This is currently available for $7.99 at Amazon. Click Here

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Hide Puffy Eyes

Learn how to hide puffy eyes using make-up and cosmetic magic. Learn from the videos below:

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