Eye Lifting Serum Reviews

Eye Lifting Serum
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When it comes to beauty creams, there’s no bigger publicity than a celebrity who recommends a skin care product. This is why not too long ago people started to inquire what is the eye serum that Kate Gosselin uses.

It only took a single statement from Kate Gosselin but suddenly people got very interested in this eye lifting serum she referred to as “botox in a jar.” And what is this eye cream you asked? It’s the Ole Henriksen Ultimate Eye Serum.

So what makes this eye serum so special that Kate Gosselin swears by it?

Ole Henriksen Eye Serum is best for those tired looking eyes. It gets rid of puffiness and gives you that bright-eyed look.

Many customer reviews of this so-called Kate Gosselin eye cream state that it has gotten rid of their droopy tired looking eyes and that months of use have made their eyes look younger. It is also good for tightening up the eye area and moisturizing dry skin.


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This eye serum has Calendula and cucumber which give that very cooling effect on your eyes. You’ll even notice this as soon as you pat them around your eye area.

You’ll feel your skin cool up and tighten.

For environment conscious users, you’ll be happy to know that this does not contain any parabens or perfume — so on the whole good for you.

This is also suitable for any skin type.

When To Use

This eye cream is best used as part of your nightly routine and it is recommended as such by Ole Henriksen. It’s a bit heavy so you really wouldn’t feel comfortable using it during the day..

That being said, using this only at night is enough for it to do its magic. And you should feel a difference in how your eyes look during the day.

Note: You may however, also have to get a different eye cream for the day, especially one with sun protection.

Where To Buy This Eye Serum

All Ole Henriksen skin care products are available over the counter at many retail stores worldwide. If you find a Sephora shop, you should find this eye serum for sale.

You can also buy this online and often than not, you’ll find it at a good price as well. 

Reviews By other Customers on This Eye Lifting Serum

Here are some reviews by customers of this eye lifting serum

“I didn’t have a lot of lines around the eyes to begin with but what I did have seemed to have softened. I intend to re-order when the time comes.”

“My upper eye lids are always puffy in the morning, well, they used to be. Not any more. This stuff actually works.”

“I cant believe how quickly I noticed a difference once I started using the eye gel. My eyes have not looked this good in a couple of years!”

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