What Is Best For Dry Skin On Face?

This is the first of a series of articles on How To Make Dry Skin On Face Go Away. This series include the following topics:

Dry skin
I can haz moisturizer?

Dry flaky skin can be a big morale dampener. Good if the dry patches are on places we can actually hide but when it’s right there on our face for everyone to see, it can be such a pain.

The good news is you’re not the only person in the world who has to deal with dry skin on the face and an even better news is that more often than not, this is a problem that you can get rid of.

Truth is most dry skin problems whether it be around your mouth or your eyes or your cheeks is caused by your lifestyle. Change the way you treat your skin and you’ll make the dry skin on your face go away.

Here are some things to have a careful look at and find out if you’re doing anything that may very possibly cause your dry skin problems.

Dry Skin On Face Solutions – What Could Be Causing Your Dry Skin Problems?

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

Unbeknownst to some people, there are things that we do that stop our skin from looking healthy and glowing.

Hot baths and showers are a very common culprit. Hot water is just not good for your skin at all. It strips the oil that traps the moisture in your skin leaving your skin dry and flaky.

If you have very dry skin and you take hot showers, I say this is the first thing you need to rectify. Refrain from hot baths if you can and opt for the shower. If you must have a hot shower, don’t spend too long a time in it.

One thing that I do especially in the wintertime, is to wash my hair on the sink first and then have a quick shower. This means I don’t expose my skin to the hot water for a very long time.

Moreover, refrain from using harsh soaps. This too is a big contributing factor to dry skin.

Evaluate Your Environment

If you don’t take very hot showers and yet still have dry skin patches, the next thing to consider is your environment.

Low humidity areas can be drying to the skin. So is winter as we all know.

Obviously, we can’t change the humidity levels of the place where we live, but we can make it a bit better for our skin by using some gadgets that bring back the moisture.

The most common thing to use in low humidity areas is a humidifier. So invest in a good one for your house. This greatly helps with the condition of your skin. If you can afford it, have the humidifier on all the time when you’re in your house.

Use Moisturizer Properly To Make Dry Skin On Face Go Away

For any person with dry skin, a moisturizer is a must. But you must know exactly how to properly use it or it will not work the way it should.

The best time to use a moisturizer is right after a shower. At this time, the pores are still open and there’s also enough moisture in your skin for the moisturizer to work with.

If you have dry skin on face, find heavier moisturizer made of ingredients that are known to greatly help with flaky dry skin.

Make Sure It’s Not A Medical Condition

A very small percentage of people with dry skin on face are caused by medical conditions or drugs.

When it comes to the face, some topical skin treatment can cause dry skin. Some known drying products include tretinoin or retinol. Some antihistamines can also be drying to the skin.

Also, some medical conditions such as diabetes, malnutrition and low levels of thyroid hormone can be very drying as well.

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