Best Collagen Cream For Wrinkles

Best Collagen Cream
Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Many anti aging products these days have collagen as a main ingredient but this doesn’t change the fact that collagen cream for wrinkles is one controversial ingredient when it comes to wrinkle creams.

At first glance, collagen creams can easily be the answer to our anti aging woes. After all, it is collagen that makes our skin look young and supple. However, according to skin experts against the use of collagen, there’s one big problem with collagen face creams and that is, the collagen in these creams are usually too big to actually penetrate the layers of the skin.

This is why some people claim that collagen creams don’t work and are really just a waste of your money.

Truthfully, there is verifiable truth in the fact that collagen creams don’t affect skin collagen production. However, I have to disagree with them when they say that it’s a waste of your money.

You see, if you look at many of these so-called “collagen cream” ingredients, many of these creams are actually made from a combination of many different things. And I believe that these concoctions together help make the skin look younger and brighter. At the very least, many of them do make a good job as skin moisturizer. And if they can make your skin look better than they are, then I’m all for it. (I’ll just have to disregard the fact that the term collagen cream is really just a marketing ploy to spike consumer interest)

Collagen Cream Reviews

I’ve been reading some collagen cream reviews and I’ve seen that many customers are actually happy with the results they see.

Ok. We will probably never know if the postive results are the effects of other ingredients in the product or a placebo effect. But there are a few collagen cream that are getting positive reviews. These are:

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream
Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

This is one of the more popular collagen cream which comes from marine algae.

They claim marine algae is far smaller than other collagen ingredients and can therefore, penetrate the skin. However, I am not aware of any scientific research to prove this is so. Still, people who buy elemis pro collagen marine cream are happy with the results.

Thalgo Collagen Cream

Thalgo Collagen Cream

This is another marine collagen cream. And is cheaper than the Elemis brand

Swiss Collagen CreamSwiss Collagen Cream

This is one of the cheapest collagen cream for skin and can be applied to the whole body as well.

Works great for dry skin.

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