Best Price When You Buy Dermajuv Products

There have been a few emails lately asking where to buy Dermajuv products at the best price.

Well, a few months ago, there were some selected Dermajuv cream on sale on Amazon. The price was really good and was significantly cheaper than purchasing Dermajuv from other stores.

However, this has stopped and from the last time I checked, the products were no longer available there.

As of this time, there are some products for sale on Ebay, but even these are not reasonably priced.

After much research, I am convinced that to buy Dermajuv at the best price, your best bet is to go straight to their website.

In fact, presently, they have dramatically slashed down their prices. For example, the Complete Rejuvenation System which used to cost $236 is now only $139 while the Eye Revolution Gel is now down to only $99.

Here are the recent discount on offer when you buy Dermajuv Products.

Eye Revolution Gel $109.99 $99.99
Complete Rejuvenation System $236.97 $129.99
Dynamic Age Defying Serum $99.99 $78.99
Neck Restoration Cream $109.99 $99.99
Acne Treatment System $139.99 $79.99
Instant Effect Lifting Serum $99.99 $78.99
Hydro Renewal Hand Cream $45.99 $34.99
Foot And Heel Revitalizing Cream $45.99 $34.99
Hydropeutic Body Lotion $45.99 $34.99

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