Botox Injections And Side Effects Of Botox Treatments

There are reported botox side effects. This includes

  • droopy eyelids
  • totally shut eye/eyes
  • eye puffiness
  • eye swelling
  • no improvement at all
  • headache
  • flu symptoms
  • panic attacks
  • inability or crooked smile

Botox Side EffectsInasmuch as a lot of people have been satisfied with their botox treatments, there have also been some complaints about some of the dangerous side effects of botox. Statistics show this happens to about only 5% of botox clients, but it is nonetheless information you need to be aware of.

Many of these side effects can be significantly avoided by carefully choosing the person who’ll administer the treatment.

I cannot stress enough that when it comes to botox injections, price should be the least of your concerns. Instead, look at the qualifications of your health care provider.

Botox Side Effects – What Can I Do To Avoid Them?

There’s absolutely no 100% guarantee to this. But also remember that only about 5% of botox treatment clients suffer from the side effects of botox. However, by taking the following precautionary measures, chances of you not falling into this 5% greatly increases.

a) Choose a qualified botox provider. Look for certified practitioners in your area. Remember that since botox treatment for wrinkles have become mainstream and not just a luxury for a chosen few, more and more health care providers are becoming a lot better at administering it. Look for these providers. Check out their credibility and track r


b) Find someone who regularly does botox injections. This way, you are sure that he/she has regularly replenishes his/her botox supplies. Why is this important? Well, botox (medicine) has a short lifespan. So tt’s very li

kely that old botox supplies will not work as effectively as newly bought ones.

c) Botox should be administered in a sterile environment. Sure they can be done in less than sterile places like parties and beauty salons and they are cheaper this way but remember you can be putting yourself at risk in this manner. In fact, many reputable health care providers will just absolutely refuse to do this

d) Don’t self administer. Sounds like basic knowledge but some people do try. You are really just setting yourself up for one big total nightmare this way, if I may say so myself.

Can Botox Cause Droopy Lower Eyelids?

Yes. Droopy eyelids is one of the most reported cases of the the side effects of botox.

Also, watch out for problems such as difficulty swallowing . There are rare cases of botulism in some patients that you need to be aware of.

[box]Help For Side Effects Caused By Botox[/box]

I know you’re shattered right now. Your beautiful smile is gone. You have a chipmunk looking face.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of support for people who suffer from the side effects of botox treatment and as far as I know, the companies or health providers themselves don’t offer much support either.

Anyway, I’ve seen in one of the forums that one of the things you can do is go to a spa or stay in shower and massage your face area.


I personally think that you should really look into the serious side effects of botox for wrinkles before you have one done yourself.

If you want to read more about the negative side effects of botox, one of the best honest and most shocking details about the possible dangers of botox are written by Dr. Arnold Klein who is considered as the world’s best in cosmetic surgery and dermatology. Go to for his articles

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