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– How Much Does Botox Cost & Other Questions Answered

How Much Does Botox Cost
The Cost Of Botox Injections

Written on this page are some of the most common questions about botox injections for wrinkles. But before that, let’s do all the legal stuff.

Be aware that I am not a health practitioner and all the info on this page are based on conversations with people who’ve had botox as well as from researching relevant materials.

Always consult your doctor for any concerns you may have regarding your botox injections appointment.

ALSO: If you have other questions which are not on this page or you hae your own ideas to add to the answers written here, please don’t hesitate to put them on the comments section below.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of botox injections for wrinkles is dependent on three different things:

a) the state where you’re going to have the injection done :

b) the jobs you want done: For example, botox injections for frown lines between the eyebrows cost a lot more than injections for the upper and lower lip line.

c) your doctor’s charges: Obviously, the more experienced and capable your doctor is, the more likely it is for his rates to be expensive. Ideally though, you would prefer to find someone who offers both reasonable rates and a good track record.

Considering the three factors above, the average cost of a botox treatment is anywhere between $300 – $1500.

Other things regarding the price of botox treatment you might want to know:
botox for men are usually more expensive as they have bigger muscles and therefore need more units per treatment

Know however, that it is advisable to ask for the per unit price of your botox treatment. Paying by the unit ensures that you are never overcharged. The number of units per treatment and per individual can vary but your health provider should be able to give you a rough estimate of how many units are needed for the job you want done.

Do Frown Lines Disappear With Botox?

If you mean the lines between your brows that show when you frown (glabellar lines) and/or the vertical lines on the lines on your forehead, then the answer is yes. Botox wrinkle treatments are used for this. In cases where the glabellar lines are very deep however, your medical professional will probably suggest to use a filler together with the botox for the best effect.

How Long Does A Botox Injection Last?

The effects of a botox injection is meant to last for 3-4 months. Many devoted botox patients will typically have their botox treatments done within this period if they want to keep looking their best without the wrinkles.

However, many people still do feel satisfied with their look after 6 months.

Also, be aware that although the effects on your wrinkles will VISIBLY last for only this period, it takes a much longer time for the toxin to stay in your body. This is why often than not, when some people suffer from the bad side effects of botox such as anxiety, they may notice this to last for a much longer time.

What Does Botox Feel Like?

Botox Application: Before anything else, consider that each person’s sensitivity varies so people may report different things.

With that said, needles used for botox treatments are very very small and often than not, you’ll hardly notice the pain at all. Compare it to an ant’s bite if you will.

Some doctors will also rub ice to numb the area. So if you are particularly very sensitive, you can specifically ask for this.

What Does It Feel Like When Botox Kicks in? How Long For Botox To Take Effect?

Expect to wait at least 2 days up to 5 days to see the full effect of botox treatment on wrinkles. You will normally not feel anything but once you look into a mirror and smile or frown, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Your crows feet, wrinkles and lines or whatever it is you had done will no longer be visible then. All you have will be your smooth smiling face.

Can You Get Botox While Nursing?

It is strongly advised that you don’t have botox while nursing, when pregnant or if you’re thinking about getting pregnant. There are no extensive research on how botox affects nursing or pregnant mothers, but since many drugs do get into the milk and do affect the development of a fetus, it is best to err on the safe side and not use it at all.

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