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Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products That Work

There are certain ingredients you need to look for when buying the best anti aging skin care products that work.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

This is the all-powerful anti aging ingredient that Dr. Oz recommends in a recent show. He says that if there’s anything you need to keep wrinkles at bay and to succeed with your anti aging routine, then use Alpha hydroxy acids.

Alpha hydroxy acids can help smooth our fine lines and wrinkles. According to a dermatologist on the Dr. Oz show, nothings works as well as Alpha hydroxy acids when it comes to skin care.

Alpha hydroxy acids are usually sold as chemical peels but they are also found in moisturizers and other masks. These are also known as: citric, glycolic, lactic, and malic acids.

 Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel – Enhanced with Kojic Acid & Bearberry Extract (Professional Chemical Peel) Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Cream : More affordable Aqua Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Care System, Facial Cleanser, Toner, Face Cream, 1 kit Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel – expensive but highly rated

Know More About The Benefits of alpha hydroxy acid from the video below


Here’s another ingredient that has time and time again proven to be a good anti aging product ingredient that works. Retinol is a form of vitamin A which is used in many anti aging cream. This has long been used in many acne products but it’s also just as powerful as an antiaging ingredient specially in the form of Tretinoin (which is available only by prescription).

Warning: Alpha hydroxy acids may deactivate retinoids so don’t use them together

Vitamin C

This is another powerful antiaging ingredient which is so much easily available in many  skin creams. Vitamin C can easily oxidize so make sure you buy one that is in a dark brown bottle and keep it in a cool safe /(your fridge is a good idea!)

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